Third Party Evaluation of your web site by experienced webmaster helps in making improvements, enhances traffic and saving costs.
Web Site Review

Our Review of your Web site would help in ensuring implementation of a successful Internet strategy as also: 

Improving or Re-developing your Web site 

Changing the focus and objectives of your Web site 

Making your website play an effective role in business development. Or, if you have just want to develop or implement online strategy, we will help you to identify how you could be best served by your Web site and other internet resources such as ezines, search engines, banner exchange etc.

Creative Solutions for 
Effective Web Presence
Email empowerment
Search Engine Listings


The objectives of a Web site Review are to help you:

Improve or Build online customer relationships.

Market and promote your Web site successfully.

Promote business using your Web site and other internet resources. 

To achieve these objectives, we will analyze and evaluate your Web site on issues such as codes, design, functionality, professionalism, content, clarity of message, speed of download, organization and navigation, relevance and positioning of keywords and primary text and marketing integration.

Senior Webmasters 
like Shah N. Khan can review your site and help you use the power of Internet more effectively to promote your business and save operative costs. 


Our Reviews will help you:
Gain knowledge your Web site's strong and weak points Prioritize remedial action Help plan your eBusiness strategy Help developed or achieve your online marketing objectives 
Web site Reviews touch on five important aspects of Internet development: Site Performance and Code, Appearance, Structure and Navigation, Content and Usability. An example of the types of questions we will answer is provided below. We 'd eMail the review to you within 6 business days.

In addition to the review, you may wish to call and speak with us about your Web site. A phone conversation can help us identify unique aspects of your business that will allow us to bridge the gap between a functional Web site and a site that measurably fulfills your specific business goals.

Fees for Web site Review: US $ 250 (RS. 25,000) or $ 20 (RS.2, 000) per page whichever is greater.

The Fees for Comprehensive Review with suggestions for improving content, design, marketing strategy etc. would be quoted on request depending upon the type and size of the business and web site and number of meetings with your executives. 

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