An Electronic Newsletter for your Organization can help improve your communication as well as business.

    A Newsletter for your organization?  

Newsletters by email to clients, agents etc. would enhance communications, save time and money! We can help you set up or manage your newsletter. Different packages are available. Rates would be quoted based on your requirements.

We can produce and manage all kinds of newsletters in simple text format or colorful pages with pages and illustrations. You provide the material or guideline and we come up with the maunuscript and screenplays of your online and email bulleting or ezine.

Posting on Social Media: We can help manage your profiles and posting on your behalf on social media including facebook, twitter, google plus etc. on retainer basis..Join free at facebook our group

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1. Retainer for designing and mailing on the material provided by you.: $ 30/-  (RS. 3000/-) per page of up to 20 kb or quarto size. For larger issues @ $ 1 per kb e.g. $ 40 for 40 kb document 30 to 40 kb is normal size of ezines going by email. 

2. Editorial service using free contents or material provided by you = $ 250 per issue.  20% discount if frequency is weekly.

Advice or material may be provided by you or you may delegate selection of items to us fully or partially according your policy guidelines.

3. Monthly Retainer for maintenance of your ad free mailing list and posting ezine
Only $ 200/-  (RS.20, 000>per month.  No other ads except your own. This does not include designing or editing charges.

3. Monthly Retainer for copywriting, designing and mailing : Rates to be quoted based on the type of material needed. Advice or material for copywriting may be provided by you or you may delegate selection of items to us fully or partially.

For details contact Shah N. Khan <> or phone 0315 2391431