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What Allah (swt) says about the Holy Prophet  Muhammed, Salla Allahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam

"Obey Allah and the Messenger and perhaps you will be shown mercy." (3:132)

"If you obey him, you will be guided" (24:54)

"Whoever obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah" (4:79)

"Take what the Messenger brings you and leave what he forbids yous" (59:7)

"Whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger is with those whom Allah has
blessed." (4:68)

"We did not send any Messenger but for him to be obeyed by the permission of Allah." (4:63)

"If you quarrel over anything, then refer it back to Allah and the      Messenger," (4:58)

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Holy Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu 'alaihi wa sallam)
Birth: 12th Rabiul Awwal 52 BH (years before Hijri)- 20th April 571 CE
Death: 12th Rabiul Awaal 11 AH - 8th June 632 CE
Holy Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu 'alaihi wa sallam)
Birth: 12th Rabiul Awwal 52 BH (years before Hijri)- 20th April 571 CE
Death: 12th Rabiul Awaal 11 AH - 8th June 632 CE
Chronology - 6th and 7th Century C.E.

571: Birth of the Holy Prophet. Year of the Elephant. Invasion of Makkah by Abraha the Viceroy of Yemen, his retreat. 

577: The Holy Prophet visits Madina with his mother. Death of his mother. 

580: Death of Abdul Muttalib, the grandfather of the Holy Prophet. 

583: The Holy Prophet's journey to Syria in the company of his uncle Abu Talib. His meeting with the monk Bahira at Bisra who foretells of his prophethood. 

586: The Holy Prophet participates in the war of Fijar. 

591: The Holy Prophet becomes an active member of "Hilful Fudul", a league for the relief of the distressed. 

594: The Holy Prophet becomes the Manager of the business of Lady Khadija, and leads her trade caravan to Syria and back. 

595: The Holy Prophet marries Hadrat Khadija. Seventh century 

605: The Holy Prophet arbitrates in a dispute among the Quraish about the placing of the Black Stone in the Kaaba. 

610: The first revelation in the cave at Mt. Hira. The Holy Prophet is commissioned as the Messenger of God. 

613: Declaration at Mt. Sara inviting the general public to Islam. 

614: Invitation to the Hashimites to accept Islam. 

615: Persecution of the Muslims by the Quraish. A party of Muslims leaves for Abyssinia. 

616: Second Hijrah to Abysinnia. 

617: Social boycott of the Hashimites and the Holy Prophet by the Quraish. The Hashimites are shut up in a glen outside Makkah. 

619: Lifting of the boycott. Deaths of Abu Talib and Hadrat Khadija. Year of sorrow. 

620: Journey to Taif. Ascension to the heavens. 

621: First pledge at Aqaba. 

622: Second pledge at Aqaba. The Holy Prophet and the Muslims migrate to Yathrib. (Hijra year begins from 22nd Sept. 622 being 1st Muharram.

623: Nakhla expedition. 

624: Battle of Badr. Expulsion of the Bani Qainuqa Jews from Madina. 

625: Battle of Uhud. Massacre of 70 Muslims at Bir Mauna. Expulsion of Banu Nadir Jews from Madina. Second expedition of Badr. 

626: Expedition of Banu Mustaliq. 

627: Battle of the Trench. Expulsion of Banu Quraiza Jews. 

628: Truce of Hudaibiya. Expedition to Khyber. The Holy Prophet addresses letters to various heads of states. 

629: The Holy Prophet performs the pilgrimage at Makkah. Expedition to Muta (Romans). 

630: Conquest of Makkah. Battles of Hunsin, Auras, and Taif. 

631: Expedition to Tabuk. Year of Deputations. 

632: Farewell pilgrimage at Makkah. 

632: Death of the Holy Prophet. Election of Hadrat Abu Bakr as the Caliph. Usamah leads expedition to Syria. Battles of Zu Qissa and Abraq. Battles of Buzakha, Zafar and Naqra. Campaigns against Bani Tamim and Musailima, the Liar.

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