Constitutional Amendments Much Needed in Pakistan

by Shah N. Khan..


The need for amending the existing constitution is strongly felt but the feudal lords and plutocrats and corrupt politicians would not allow these amendments to get through and only way seem to be get them approved by people by a referendum through an order by Supreme Court of Pakistan. Supreme court has passed various stricture for not complying witht the constitution and objective resolution of Pakistan

1. The tenure of the Government and the parliament should be four years like USA.

2. No one shall hold the any post of President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, and Governor for more than two terms.

3. The size of the Federal Cabinet be maximum 16 ministers and Provincial cabinet only 8 ministers.

4. There must be at least 12 provinces instead of only 4 including FATA and Kashmir. In the district or division where demand for upgrading of Division as province is tabled by majority of elected MPAs, the issue shall be decided by referendum.

5. Local Body Government shall have powers as in Musharrf regime.

6. All Local Body Government all over Pakistan shall have uniform constitution and legal framework.

7. Stricter qualifications for voters and the candidates may be prescribed,

8. To make Income Tax laws fair and equitable land lords and agriculturist be brought under ambit of income tax laws.

9. Instead of Senate there shall be National Security Council comprising President, Prime Minister, Speaker of National Assembly, Opposition Leader of the National Assembly, chiefs of army, Navy and Air force and three judges of Supreme court and a senior judge of Sharia Bench. National Security Council shall have power to dissolve Natioanl Assembly and the government, appoint election commission, chiefs of FBR, SBP, FIA, SECP, Armed Forces etc.

While Ayub Khan's long dictatorial rule can be cited as one of the reasons for separation of East Pakistan, Indian conspiracy is one of the main reasons. The father of the nation Quide Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah had warned the nation in 1948 that fifth columnists are active in Pakistan sowing seeds of provincialism and ethnic and sectarian hatred. The attempts to destabilize Pakistan were continuing from day one and it was predicted by the congress leaders that Pakistan would collapse within 25 years.

The Need for Eliminating Provincial Prejudices

Had The framers of constitution in 1949 made a provision for confederation of East and Western wing of Pakistan increasing number of provinces in both wings giving them autonomy as in USA for states, things would have been quite different and Pakistan would have emerged as a strong democracy. Anyway what is done is done.

The so called democratic governments due to their corruption and selfishness have not been able to ensure social development and fair and equitable economic development is also lacking, They sacrificed merit, indulged in nepotism, ethnic discrimination, corruption, favoritism and widened gap between rural and urban areas and did not take effective measures to prevent ethnic and sectarian prejudices fanned by enemy agents. Often the courts had to intervene in such matters as holding Local Body election, arranging census, appointing officers on merit and the court even cancelled promotions and appointments at the pleasure of political leaders because of violations rules and regulations.

The first Prime Minister of Pakistan. Liaquat Ali Khan's presented the "Objectives Resolution" that was passed by the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan in 1949. The ideology of Pakistan is embodied in that resolution, which inter alia, provided that the principles of democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance and social justice as enunciated by Islam shall be fully observed in framing the constitution and laws.

Adequate provision was made for the minorities to profess and practice their religions freely and develop their cultures as also to protect the interests of minorities and backward areas. The resolutions also made provision for forming a Federation wherein the units will be autonomous.

The resolution vowed for the full independence of the judiciary and guaranteed the fundamental rights according to Islamic as well as Universal norms ... and make their full contribution towards international peace and progress and happiness of humanity. In his speech Late Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan said that the Father of the Nation, Quaid-I-Azam, had emphasized upon these objective on many occasions, and his views were endorsed by the nation in unmistakable terms.

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