In the name of Allah the Beneficent and the Merciful
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 Forty Sayings of the Holy Prophet.

Hadhrat Salman(R.A) relates that he asked Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.S.)
about the forty ahadith regarding  which the holy Prophet said: "The one who 
memorizes them from my ummah will enter into jannah (paradise)." 

Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.S.) said:

1. That you believe in One and the Only God with all His attributes.
2. And in the day of resurrection.
3. And the angels.
4. And the Divine   books.
5. And all the prophets of God.
6. And life hereafter.
7. And fate that the power of doing good and bad rests  with God.

8. And that you bear witness that there is no god but Allah, Who is worthy of all 
worship and that Mohammed (S.A.W.S.) is His true messenger. 

9. And to perform salaat with  perfect wadu on its prescribed time.
10.And  to pay Zakaat.
11.And to fast  during the month of Ramadan.
12.And to perform   Hajj if you have the wealth.
13.And you perform twelve rakaats of sunnat-e-Maukadah daily.(These twelve 
rakaats are: Two rakaats  before Fajr, four rakaats before and two
after the fardh of Zuhar, two rakaats after the Fardh of Maghrib  and two 
after the fardh of  Eshaa.) 

14.And the Witr salaat, never omit it during  the night.
15.And never ascribe a partner  with Allah.
16And do not disobey your parents.
17.And do not devour the property of orphans unjustly.
18.And do not drink wine.
19.And do not commit adultery.
20.And do not take false oaths.
21.And do not give false evidence.
22.And do not yield to your carnal desires.
23.And do not  back-bite a moslem brother.
24.And do not lay a false charge against  a chaste woman or man.
25.And do not harbor any ill towards your moslem brother.
26.And do not indulge yourself in useless amusements and sports.
27.And do not take part in activities that distract from remembrance of 
28.And do not address a short person as "O you short one" with the intention of
finding fault with him.(There is, however, no harm if a person is called a nickname 
which has become associated with him  and accepted by him. It is not permissible 
to use a nickname  which will otherwise  degrade him or anger him.

29.And do not mock at anyone.
30.And do not disseminate discord between two  moslems.
31.And always be grateful to Allah for His favors and bounties.
32.And be patient during affliction and when in discomfort.
33.And do not be fearless of Allah's wrath.
34.And do not severe your relationships with your relatives.
35.And keep up contacts and communication with them.
36.And do not  curse anyone from among the creation  of Allah.
37.And keep reciting the tasbeeh, takbeer and tahleel.
38.And be present for the Friday and Eid prayers.
39.And firmly believe that whatever ill or good befalls you was pre-destined. 
Under no circumstances could it have been avoided, and whatever was 
avoided could never been had occurred.

40. And under no circumstances must you omit the recitation of the Quran.

From The Ultimate  Challenge written  by Ahmed Deedat in Arabic.
Original Translated by Mrs.Shahtaj Khan . Submitted to us by Late Tufal A. Siddiqui. 
Please print and distribute. 

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